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Literature Connections 6 Click on the link below to practice the meanings of Flipped vocabulary from chapters 1-4. Practice Flash Cards first. Once you feel that you know them, play the Matching game until you are ready to take the practice Test. Take a test until you achieve a 90% or better. Make sure you unclick Written and choose all of the other options before you take your test. Please bring in proof of your score by either printing out your results, taking a picture or emailing me your score from Quizlet. Quiz on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Language Arts 6 Read Theory Login Page Click on the login tab on the top right Enter your given username and password: classroom209 Literature Connections 8 Outsiders Vocabulary Chapters 5-6 - practice vocabulary words and bring proof of scoring of 90% on the test. Do more to earn extra credit.

Vocabulary words chapters 9+10
Earn extra credit by practicing all the words for tomorrow's face-off with another class.
Voc Words 1-25