School Newspaper

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The Knightly News: Thomas Jefferson Middle School Newspaper – bringing you news from across the hall, across town, and across the world. Thomas Jefferson Middle School newspaper, The Knightly News, gives students an opportunity to report on the things that matter to them. Every issue contains articles about TJ, such as fundraisers or school plays. There is also a Teacher 411 column, in which students interview teachers about their hobbies, education, etc. and a Top Ten list, in which students are polled as to their favorite movie, sports team, music, etc. In addition, the cover story is always on a global or national topic. We’ve reported on such topics as immunizations, natural disasters, and extending the school year. Students also contribute articles on books, video games or movie reviews, pop culture and submit comics and editorials. 

Meeting Day: Thursday. Listen for announcements!
Meeting Room: 215

Advisors: Dr. Haug & Ms. Polster