Debate Team

Debate Team
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All students are welcome to join the Debate Club!  Their participation in the Debate Club will allow them to engage in a critical discussion that is fact-driven and on a topic of social relevance. 

In addition, all debaters, 8th, 7th and 6th will do the following:


Cite reliable sources to strengthen an argument; Quote expert opinions to support an assertion;  Utilize facts and data to substantiate a proposal/idea; Discuss topics of social relevance and question the status quo;  Analyze information from various sources;  Criticize opposing arguments/Propose counterarguments; Organize research in a coherent logical sequence; Prepare and give oral speeches; Judge and score student debates.

Meeting Day:
 every Wednesday 
Meeting Room: 223

Advisor: Ms. Stolerman

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially 
increase its non-military exploration and/or development 
of the Earth’s oceans.  Debate Topic and Judging Handbook : Handbook for Judges
Novice Debate Competition Schedule:
Novice Debate Schedule Start time: 4 PM
Wed, October 22 @ Harrington Park
Tues, November 11 @ Tenafly Middle School
Wed, November 19 @ Tenakill Middle School
Wed, December 10 @ Carlstadt Middle School
Wed, January 14 @ Tenafly Middle School
Wed, February 4 @ Honiss Middle School
You are invited to join the Debate Club if you are a student who wants to:
1. Improve your mind!
2. Engage in Intellectual arguments about real world issues against an opposing team!
3. Create original solutions for serious problems in the world today!
4. Defend your plans by providing factual evidence to stump the opposing team!
5. Make strong arguments!
6. Compete against other Bergen County middle schools!
Debate Club Documents:
1. Debate League Rules (This is a Power point file explaining all aspects of the debate)
2. 1st Affirmative (1st Affirmative by Josh S. freshman Year)
3. 2nd Affirmative (2nd Affirmative by Josh S. freshman year)
4. 1st Negative (1st Negative by Josh S. freshman year)
5. 2nd Negative (2nd Negative by Josh S. freshman year)
6. Negative Rebuttal (Negative Rebuttal by Josh S. freshman year)
7. Affirmative Rebuttal (Affirmative Rebuttal by Josh S. freshman year)
8. 1st Aff Senior Year: 1st Affirmative (Senior Year by Josh)
9. 2nd Aff Senior Year: 2nd Affirmative (senior Year by Josh)
10. 1st Negative Senior Year: 1sy Negative (Senior Year by Josh
11. 2nd Neg Senior Year: (2nd Negative Fact Sheet (Senior Year by Josh)