Period 4 Homework
3/6/2017 WB p. 185. Quiz tomorrow on Ch. 4 Sec. 5 All Operations to Solving Inequalities of fractions.

2/28/2017:  2 Worksheets given on adding and subtracting fractions. Students are to complete ODD numbers only and show work.

2/14/2017: WS # 1-5 (Review for quiz on dividing mixed numbers. Students can do more for additional review.) QUIZ TOMORROW.! Study.

2/13/2017 Quiz Wednesday on Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers.


Mid-Term tomorrow, 1/20/17. Students are to bring back to school his/her signed Study Planner.
STUDY, STUDY, STUDY. This means practicing problems on video tutor website (, having students teach parents particular lessons, having students create questions for parents to solve and having students create an answer key. Study also means memorizing basic rules. 


Complete Ch. 3 Mid Term Review packet. Mid Term is Friday.


1. All students are to get their Ch. 3 Test signed and returned.
2. Complete Ch. 2 Mid Term Review packet.


Mid Term Chapters 1, 2, and 3 is on 1/20/2017. Test Study Planner has been provided. Review sheet for Ch. 1 was given today. Chapters 2 and 3 review sheets will be upon completion of the prior chapter. Extra help is available on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.