Language Arts 8
Google Classroom class codes
Period 6: sa3509
Period 9: my2rdz2

Week of January 30 - February 3
Monday - Wednesday - maintain your reading schedule, complete your assigned literature circle role by Thursday
Thursday - maintain your reading schedule, complete your assigned literature circle role by Tuesday 2/7

Week of January 23 - January 27
Monday - complete the censorship web quest on the google classroom due tomorrow
Tuesday - signed IR permission slip due Thursday 
- signed IR permission slip due Thursday; read your IR book and complete your assigned literature circle role. 
Thursday - literature circle role due tomorrow
Week of January 17 - January 20
Monday - no school 
Tuesdaycomplete the introduction and conclusion for your essay 
Wednesday - Friday - final draft of the literary analysis essay is due via google docs on Monday 1/23.  Share it with

Week of January 9 - January 13
Monday - complete the Snapshots for the "TTH"
Tuesday - no homework 
Wednesday - Thursday - complete classwork for essay writing

Week of January 2 - January 9
Monday - "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" vocabulary quiz is tomorrow
Tuesday - Thursday - work on the study guide in preparation for the Short Story Unit Test 
***Short Story Unit Test is Friday, January 6, 2017

Week of December 19 - December 23 
Monday - no homework; class trip
Tuesday & Wednesday - Snapshot activity for "The Cask of Amontillado" is due Thursday

Week of December 12th - December 16th
Monday - complete the vocabulary sentences for "The Cask of Amontillado" on lined paper.  Due Wednesday. 
Tuesday - Thursday - no homework - work on your LC project!
Friday - "Cask of Amontillado" quiz Tuesday

Week of December 5th - December 9th
Monday & Tuesday - epilogue/prologue is due Wednesday before class.  You should share it with me on Google Docs - and rename it - Narrative: Full Names
Wednesday - no homework
Thursday - complete the Edgar Allan Poe crossword puzzle
- No homework 

Week of November 28th - December 2nd
Monday - "Sorry, Wrong Number" quiz tomorrow; includes vocabulary 
Tuesday - paragraph revisions due Friday 
"Sorry, Wrong Number" quiz is tomorrow. 
Click here to access a great quizlet created by a student :)
Wednesday - complete the cartoon dialogue handout 

Week of November 21st - November 23rd
Monday - complete the characterization chart for Mrs. Stevenson
Tuesday - no homework. Happy Thanksgiving!
Wednesday - WALK-A-THON

Week of November 14th - November 18th
Monday - no homework
Tuesday - complete the vocabulary sentences for "Sorry, Wrong Number"
Wednesday - no homework
Thursday - Period 6: answer questions #1-6 for "Sorry, Wrong Number"
Period 9: answer questions #1-5 for "Sorry, Wrong Number"

Week of November 7th - November 11th
Monday - final draft of character trait paragraph due Wednesday - share it on google docs

Week of October 31st - November 4th
Monday - complete all "The Landlady" focus questions
Tuesday - "The Landlady" quiz is tomorrow - complete the study guide
Click here for the answers to the study guide. 
Wednesday - no homework - in class quiz

Week of October 24th - October 28th
Monday - no homework 
Tuesday and Wednesday - complete "The Landlady" vocabulary sentences

Week of October 17th - October 21st
* Your IR project is due Friday; this means you should submit/share it BEFORE your class period on Friday

Week of October 10th - October 14th (no school Wednesday)
Monday - finish your IR book by Friday; assignment due Thursday 
Tuesday - no homework 
Thursday - Grammar quiz tomorrow on sentences, run-ons, fragments, dependent, and independent clauses assignment due tonight by 11:59 PM
Friday - IR project due Friday, October 21st 

Week of October 5th - October 7th (no school Monday or Tuesday)
Wednesday - you should be at least half way through your IR book, IR project due October 21st. 
Thursday - complete the Grammar assignment on - due Thursday, October 13th
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Period 6 Class Code: ehemv8x4
Period 9 Class Code: m4kv333a

Week of September 26th - September 30th
Read your IR book and take notes on important fact and vocabulary. Your IR book should be read by October 14th.  Your IR project is due October 21st. 

Week of September 19th - September 23rd
Monday - "Raymond's Run" quiz Thursday, complete front and back of the Text Analysis/Question Support handout
Tuesday - "Raymond's Run" quiz Thursday, non-fiction IR book and permission slip due Friday
Wednesday - "Raymond's Run" quiz tomorrow
Thursday - non-fiction IR book and permission slip due tomorrow
Friday - follow your reading schedule :)

Week of September 12th - September 16th
Monday - Acrostic paragraph due tomorrow - printed with a picture
Tuesday - no homework
Wednesday - complete "Raymond's Run" vocabulary homework - front and back
Thursday & Friday - no homework

Week of September 6th - September 9th
Tuesdayall supplies are due on Thursday
Wednesdayall supplies are due tomorrow, work on your MyPhone
Thursday - MyPhone due tomorrow
Friday - Acrostic paragraph due Tuesday - printed with a picture