Literature Connections 8

Google Classroom Class Code: eyh83z

Week of January 30 - February 3
Monday - no homework
Tuesday - Thursday - Diary of Anne Frank Act II quiz Monday; theme worksheet due Friday

Act II quizlet:

Week of January 23 - January 27
Monday & Tuesday - study for the Act One quiz Wednesday
Wednesday - no homework 
Thursday - no homework 

Week of January 17 - January 20
Monday - no school 
Tuesday - complete all subject/verb agreement pages in the Act I packet
Wednesday - complete the vocabulary sentences for Act I, Scenes 4-5

Week of January 9 - January 13
Monday and Tuesday - no homework
Wednesday - complete the exposition handout in the Act I packet
Thursday - quiz Tuesday 1/17 on Act I, Scenes 1-3 and vocabulary

Week of January 2 - January 6
Monday - legacy collage due tomorrow
Tuesday - complete the Paperclips documentary packet, including the Pyramid of Hate questions (can be accessed on the Google Classroom)

Week of December 19 - December 20th
- no homework; class field trip
Tuesday through Thursday - print images and pictures for the "Legacy" collage
Wednesday - complete the Webquest on the Google classroom. 

Week of December 12th - December 16th
Important Due Dates:
Wednesday 12/14 - Notice and Note chart
Friday 12/16 - IR project due 
Monday 12/19 - Holocaust Background Slideshow and questions 

Week of December 5th - December 9th
-finish reading your IR book by December 12th
-IR project is due December 16th 
-You should be collecting information for your notice and note chart and your character dossier

Week of November 21st - November 23rd
***IMPORTANT**** Field trip permission slip and money are due by Tuesday November 22, 2016
Tuesday - no homework. Happy Thanksgiving!
Wednesday - WALK-A-THON ----->

complete a list on Destiny Quest (2-3 books) for our library visit on Monday.
The instructions were handed out in class.  If you lost them, the instructions are also posted on the TJMS library site. 

Kahoot! review for The Outsiders

Online review games for nouns: 
and here
and some more!

Week of November 14 - November 18
Monday - finish the Chapter 12 questions
Tuesday - complete Part I of the study guide
***There will be a grammar quiz on nouns (abstract, concrete, common, proper, plural, possessive - singular and plural) on Thursday
Wednesday and Thursday - complete the study guide and study for the test!

The Outsiders test will be on Friday; be sure you have all chapter questions completed

Week of November 7th - November 11th
Monday - Advice responses due Wednesday (separate sheet of loose leaf paper)
Wednesday - no homework; enjoy the long weekend 

Week of October 31st - November 4th
Monday - no homework; in class quiz
Tuesday - read pages 131 - 142 in The Outsiders and answer Chapter 9 questions #1 - 3
Thursday - read Chapter 10 and complete questions 

Answers to Chapter 7 questions:
  1. The newspaper reporters and the police came to see Ponyboy at the hospital.  
  2. Dally would be out of the hospital in 2-3 days (arm has bad burn).
  3. Johnny was severely burned (3rd degree) and because a timber fell on

    his back, he is paralyzed from the waist down; he is also in shock.

  4. The doctor explains that even if Johnny lives, he will never walk again

    and will be confined to a wheelchair.  The newspaper headline read

    “Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes”.  The second article described how

    despite all their efforts, the Curtis boys might be separated.

  5. The police charged Johnny with manslaughter: “the crime of killing a human being without malice aforethought, or otherwise in circumstances not amounting to murder.”
  6. Pony was scared he would wind up in a reformatory or a boys’ home.
  7. Soda’s girlfriend Sandy was pregnant so she had to go to Florida to live with her grandmother.  Her parents wouldn’t let her marry Soda.
  8. Randy said he is going to leave town so he doesn’t have to fight.

    He explains that no matter who wins, nothing will change. Socs will always be on top,

    And greasers never will be.

  9. Pony realizes that Socs are people, too, and everyone has troubles (things are rough all over).

Answers to Chapter 8 questions:
  1. Why didn’t Johnny want to die?

Johnny did not want to die because he says that sixteen years of life hasn’t been long enough. He says he hasn’t seen enough and that he only time he has been out of the neighborhood was the time in Windrixville.

2. Who did Johnny say he didn’t want to see at the hospital?

Johnny did not want to see his mother at the hospital.  He became worked up when the nurses asked him and passed out.

3. Who did Johnny’s mother blame for Johnny being in the hospital?

Johnny’s mother blamed Pony and Two-Bit for Johnny being in the hospital, since she says they are always running around in the middle of the night and “getting jailed”.

 4. What did Dally think he had done to Ponyboy?

 Dally thought he had killed Ponyboy when he hit his back to put out the fire.

 5. Why wouldn’t Cherry go visit Johnny?

Cherry wouldn’t go visit Johnny because she cannot face the kid who killed her boyfriend.  Even though she admits that Bob instigated the fight, and he was a different person when he drank, she still cannot see Johnny after what happened. 

6. Make a prediction for the next chapter. ANSWERS WILL VARY

Week of October 24th - October 28th
Monday - complete the assignment for grammar practice with nouns due Friday
Class codes:
Period 1: ca3fxv47
Period 4: c73k774w
Tuesday - finish Chapter 7 and questions
Wednesday & Thursdaycomplete the assignment for grammar practice with nouns due Friday
Class codes:
Period 1ca3fxv47
Period 4: c73k774w
***The Outsiders Chapters 5-8 QUIZ will be Monday.  It does not include vocabulary. 

Week of October 17th - October 21st
Monday - write a paragraph responding to the following prompt: Explain how the theme of the poem, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost, is reflected in the novel, The Outsiders.
Themes to consider:
-loss of innocence.
-the fleeting nature of the ideal and perfect
Tuesday - no homework
Wednesday - finish Chapter 6 and complete the study guide questions
Thursday - no homework

Week of October 10th - October 14th (no school Wednesday)
Monday - quiz on Chapters 1 - 4 tomorrow (includes vocabulary)
Tuesday - no homework 
Thursday - finish reading Chapter 5 and answer the study guide questions #1-5 
Friday - no homework

Week of October 5th - October 7th (no school Monday or Tuesday)
Wednesday - finish Chapter 3 questions (complete sentences and page numbers)
Thursday - read Chapter 4 in The Outsiders.  Answer the 4 chapter questions in complete sentences with page numbers.

Week of September 26th - September 30th
* There will be no homework this week, as I will not see Literature Connections classes due to the CTP4 testing. 

Week of September 19th - September 23rd
Monday - no homework, in-class review of The Outsiders stations
Tuesday - complete Chapters 1 - 4 vocabulary sentences (front and back of handout)
Wednesday - Finish reading Chapter 1, and complete the Chapter 1 study guide questions
Thursday - Read pg. 19-31 in The Outsiders and answer questions 1-4
Friday - no homework

Week of September 12th - September 16th
Monday - no homework
Tuesday - Watch one or both of the following links.  Take notes on at least 10 new facts that you learn about the 1960s.
Click here for the videos. 
Wednesday - no homework
Thursday & Friday - complete station work - all due Monday

Week of September 6th - September 9th
Tuesday - summer reading is due on Friday, September 9th
all supplies are due on Thursday
Wednesday - summer reading is due on Friday, September 9th
all supplies are due tomorrow
Thursday - summer reading due tomorrow