Grading Protocol

World History - Grade 7 - “A Dividing World”

Grading Protocol

Point System:

The grading procedure is simple. You will earn the allotted points possible. At the end of the marking period, the sum of all your points is added and then divided by the total points possible. For example, if you earned 678 points total in a marking period, and there were 750 points possible for that marking period it would divide 678 by 750. That would equal .904. So you would receive a 90% or an A- for the quarter.


The number of points will depend on the amount of work and how challenging the work is.  You should try your best to never submit work late…however, if you do, better late than not at all.  10% of the points allotted will be taken from your grade a day if you do not turn in work on time.  The number of points will depend on the assignment. There will be around two assignments a week. Each night you should study for 10 - 15 minutes.


NewsBowl is an activity that will occur three (3) times a marking period. You will collect news stories from the internet, newspaper and/or television for a week. On game day you will work in a group to answer questions using your notes, printouts as reference. (See ‘NewsBowl’ handout)

Participation & Preparedness:

As you know, class participation and preparedness is important for you to be successful in school.  Each week you will have the opportunity to earn up to 5 points per week for class participation and being prepared for a total of 50 points per marking period. (See ‘Participation & Preparedness’ Rubric)


Formative & Summative assessments will be given at appropriate times.  FORMATIVE: such as Check for Understanding, Classwork, Participation and Exit Slips. SUMMATIVE: such as Topic Assessment, Essays, Presentations, and Projects.  When a Summative Assessment is given, you will know a days in advance to prepare.  Remember, however, that you should be studying and reviewing your notes and work every night.

Check for Understanding Rubric (12 Points):

____Claim & Completeness:

Does your response have a topic statement that clearly and concisely states a specific point that can be proven with evidence?

Does your response directly address the issue(s)/question(s) posed by the assignment?

Do you have a concluding statement?

____Evidence & Accuracy:

Does your response provide a broad array of specific factual evidence that supports topic statement?

Does your response have accurate facts without misstatements?

Does your response have only relevant and essential information?

____Language, Sequencing & Clarity

Does your response have proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar, which does not distract the reader?

Does your response have sentences, which are sophisticated, varied and use accurate vocabulary?

Does your response have a logical order with effective transitions making it easy to follow your reasoning?


When you are absent/leave early it is your responsibility to find out the work from a schoolwires, google classroom, a friend and/or an e-mail. You will get ONE day to make up your work for everyday you are absent. Once the allotted time has passed you lose 10% a day.   If you miss a summative assessment the day you are absent you must make it up within three (3) days of coming back to school.