Why do you need to know current events?

This year in 7th grade we are learning how the world changed politically, economically and socially during the time period of the Renaissance to World War II.  Having an understanding of current events on a range of topics help us to understand that many of the issues of the past still effect our world today. Learning current events allows you to be better-informed participant of our world.

How does it work?

Each student will work in a group for a marking period. This group will work together during three (3) NewsBowl games and try to earn up to 25 points.  Each group will be allowed to have any research materials such as notes from the internet, TV, newspapers, and magazines.  Each group member is required to have at least notes on 20 news articles that occurred during the week leading up to game day.

What are some examples of NewsBowl questions?  

President Obama has asked what country to stop its sale of two military carriers to Russia, in light of the crisis in Ukraine?

Answer: France

The US Labor Department estimated that the U.S. economy added 96,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate is what percentage?

Answer: 7.1 percent

Where to find the news stories?


Google News:


Associated Press


TV: ABC, CBS, and NBC News at 6:30pm

Newspapers: New York Times, The Bergen Record

(Associated Press or Reuters articles)

Magazines: Newsweek, Time, People

**Questions are developed by news stories read on Google News. **

What news categories to research?