Literature Connections Grade 7

Literature Circles 2017 round 2.docx       ALL HANDOUTS and RUBRIC

calendaramended June 2107.docx

Literature Circle weekly May 22 2017.doc

LC May 15 weekly sheet.doc

LC May 8 weekly sheet.doc

IR speech weekly May 1 2017.doc

IR speech.doc                 Directions and rubric

IR speech weekly April 24 2017.doc

7LC April 17 2017.doc

7LC April 3 2017.doc

7LC Mar 27 2017.doc

7LC Mar 20 2017.doc

7LC Mar 13 2017.doc

7LC Mar 6 2017.doc

LC Feb 27 2017.doc

LC Feb 13 2017 weekly sheet.doc

LC Feb 6 2017 weekly sheet.doc

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Lit Circle survey

LC Jan 30 2017.doc

LC Jan 23 2017.doc

LC Jan 17 2017.doc

LC Jan 9 2017.doc

Literature Circle Jobs Worksheets 2017.docx

4 I Literature Circles jobs and rubric 2017.docx

IR Lit Circle calendar with pages for each book.docx

LC Jan 2 2017.doc

IR weekly Dec 19 2016.doc

IR weekly Dec 12 2016.doc

Independent Reading What Stuck With You Today.doc

IR calendar FALL 2016.doc

LC Dec 5 2016.doc

compare contrast sample.doc

Truman Jonas compare contrast essay.doc

rubric fall 2016.doc

The Truman Show Summary ALL.docx

7LC Nov 22 Dec 2 2016.doc

LC Nov 14.doc

Next week's short weekly sheet.
LC Nov 7 2016.doc

SONG PARODY.doc      project and rubric

Notebok checklist 1 2016.doc

LC Oct 31 2016.docx

LC Oct 24 2016.docx

LC Oct 17 2016.docx

LC Oct 10 2016.docx

LC Oct 5 2016.docx

LC Sept 26 2016.docx

The Giver review 1-5, 6-7 blank.docx    QUIZ FRIDAY 9/30 on chapters 1-5

LC Sept 19 2016.doc

weekly LC Sept 12 2016.docx

email letter.docx 

Welcome Back 2016.doc