Evaluate Sources & Information

Evaluating Sources & Information

evaluating sources


When using online resources you need to figure out quickly whether the site is worth reading for the purpose of your project. To do this, use the CARS method. 


CARS = Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness, Support



  • Is an author listed? What are the author's credentials? Can the author be reached for questions or comments?
  • Is there evidence of positive peer evaluation?
  • Has the author taken care to check for misspelling, poor grammar, etc.?


  • Is the date of the site current?
  • Is the information complete and not too vague?
  • Does the author acknowledge all views?



  • Is the author fair and objective?
  • Is the author concerned with the truth?


  • Does the author provide support for the information?
  • Are the sources listed?
  • Are there other resources with similar information?

Something else to consider:

Design &Technology

·Are the pictures relevant and clear?

·Are the pages easy to maneuver?

·Have the colors been chosen well?

·Do the links work?

·Does the page load relatively quickly?